Model Course 2

From Sakamoto, the gateway town, to Hieizan (half day)

This course heads to Mt. Hiei from Sakamoto, the gateway town to Enryakuji Temple located on the west bank of Lake Biwa. After a circuit of the To-do area, the beating heart of Enryakuji Temple, you will return to Sakamoto. Take in the townscape with its tasteful stone walls and other historical sites.


Sakamoto Cable Railway

Take the Sakamoto Cable Railway, which connects Enryakuji Temple and its gateway town of Sakamoto, for 11 minutes and head toward Mt. Hiei. Covering a distance of two kilometers, this is the longest cable railway in Japan, and you can enjoy verdant green scenery along the route. The European-styled retro carriages are also very photogenic.



About seven minutes on foot from the Cable Enryakuji Temple Station brings you to the To-do area, the beating heart of Enryakuji Temple. This is where the temple first began. The main temple, the Konpon Chu-do hall, is a designated national treasure dedicated to Yakushi, and is also known as the "eternal light of Buddhism" due to a candle that has burned inside for more than 1200 years. There are also other historical halls and temples to see here.

Cable Railway
The return trip also uses the Sakamoto Cable Railway. The majesty of Lake Biwa spreads out below you.


Hiyoshi Taisha Shrine

A shrine at the foot of Mt. Hiei that was founded 2,100 years ago. The shrine has been worshipped since ancient times as the divine protector of Kyoto and Mt. Hiei Enryakuji Temple. Many of the shrine's buildings are designated as national treasures or important cultural assets. With more than 3,000 maple trees, it is also a famous spot for viewing the crimson leaves of fall.