There are various ways to reach Mt. Hiei. The principle one is the Kyoto & Yase Route, which involves taking the cable car and ropeway from Yase to the northeast of Kyoto. The second is the Lake Biwa & Sakamoto Route, which involves taking a cable car from Sakamoto in Shiga Prefecture. Other possibilities include a direct bus route connecting Kyoto with Mt. Hiei and a route for cars that allows you to enjoy a drive through stunning scenery. Please see the map for more details.
*The Eizan Cable Car, Ropeway, and shuttle bus around the mountain do not operate during the winter season (early January - mid March)

The information presented here is as of April 2023. Please note in advance that it is subject to change, depending on the circumstances.

Reaching Hieizan from Kyoto Station

Convenient and money-saving tickets

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  • World Heritage Hieizan and Enryakuji Temple Pilgrimage Ticket
  • Hieizan / Enryakuji Temple Stroll Ticket
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