Welcome to Hieizan(Mt.Hiei) and Biwako (Lake Biwa)!

Place :Mt.Hiei summit

Date :

Mt. Hiei, which stands on the border between Shiga and Kyoto prefectures, has long been worshipped as a home to the divine. On the side of the mountain you can find Enryakuji Temple and its spreading environs, a world heritage site that boasts 1200 years of history. The mountain also looks out over Lake Biwa, a vast expanse of ultramarine water that sparkles far below, and which is also the oldest and largest lake in Japan. Its waters have been cherished since ancient times for purifying disease and as the mother lake that nurtures all life. The route that links these two holy places is a pilgrimage path along which you can dynamically experience the faith of the local people and the rich nature amidst which they live. Set out on a journey woven by deep mountains, pure waters, and the light of hope.


Access to Mt. Hiei is incredibly convenient, with options including cable cars and ropeway, and vehicle access via the driveway road. There is also a direct bus that links Kyoto city with Mt. Hiei, and a shuttle bus that circles sites on the mountain itself. This allows worship at Enryakuji Temple, walks among nature, and even visits to the historical sites at the base of the mountain to be easily undertaken and enjoyed.